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Our first Junior rocket launch!

Two weeks ago we performed our first Junior rocket flight. The Junior rocket is a smaller and cheaper rocket with a solid motor and used to the flight dynamics and control subsystem. You can see our Junior rocket at the launch day in the following picture. The CAD model of […]

We receive support from The Virtual Foundry!

We are glad to announce our second sponsor for this incredibly exciting project: The Virtual Foundry will support us with their knowledge and with two different types of metal filament. We choose aluminum (Aluminum 6061) and stainless steel (SS316L), which will be used to manufacture the engine as well […]

Hey there! I am Samantha.

Hi! My name is Samantha, and I am 23 years old. I did my bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering, and I am currently working on my master’s degree in aerospace engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen. In this project, I am responsible for the structure of our rocket […]

Preliminary mass budget of Aspiration 1

It is time to present our preliminary mass budget of our first rocket Aspiration 1 which is currently under development. Our first rocket Aspiration 1 will be a proof of concept for our innovations such as the re-ignition of a hybrid propulsion system. Therefore, we decided to design a small […]

This is us!

Last Sunday we had a photo shooting with our engineering team. We are happy to present the first results and to introduce our team members. Samantha (left) is responsible for the structure of our first rocket Aspiration 1. Additionally, she is doing the CAD model and the technical drawings. Sirius […]


It had been rumbling in our heads for over a year!

Like most people, the Covid-19 pandemic got us thinking. Many things were no longer possible, the world was upside down. Life changed drastically and was even severely restricted at times. Not only in our studies, but also in other areas of life. We thought about how and whether our studies […]