It had been rumbling in our heads for over a year!

Like most people, the Covid-19 pandemic got us thinking. Many things were no longer possible, the world was upside down. Life changed drastically and was even severely restricted at times. Not only in our studies, but also in other areas of life. We thought about how and whether our studies would continue. We completed our last two semesters in the Bachelor completely in remote from home. Even the defense of our theses was not done in presence. Indeed, even the beginning of our master’s studies was done remotely and under similar conditions. Meanwhile, we have reached the end of our studies.

Now that the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions have largely fallen, the next blow came: More conflicts world wide. What at first appeared to be localized conflicts have now expanded to the point where people almost all over the world are affected in some way. Raw materials and food are becoming scarce or are not available at all. Conflicts also seem to be brewing in Asia.

For these reasons we have decided to independently start a project that will have a positive impact on us humans and our environment. We want to show that there are also simple ways to deal consciously with the raw materials and resources given to us. We use resources much too wastefully. Especially in space travel, a stronger signal must be sent. Many rockets are single-use or throwaway products. The space debris in orbit increases even more instead of reducing, although there are laws that every spacecraft should burn up after its lifetime in the atmosphere or be parked on a graveyard in space.

Wouldn’t it make sense on the one hand to move away from the throwaway method completely and on the other hand to use the space debris for something useful?

For this reason we are looking towards developing a rocket demonstrator that is reusable, robust and easy to maintain/repair! This will be done using a 3D-print manufacturing method that works even in low or zero gravity environments. So, we want to set the first milestone to produce rockets in space or on another planet like Mars or on the Moon. Here we have constantly in the back of the head to use also the potential space debris again for possible filament. Non-printable components such as electronics should be designed and laid out in such a way that they are easy to maintain/repair and allow them more than one life cycle. 

You always hear too often that this is not possible, this does not work. If you don’t try anything new, there will be no innovations and progress. Life means change and humanity must change in a positive direction. To do nothing means decay. Even mistakes must be made to learn from them and to collect knowledge.

More in given time.

Stay healthy and live consciously,