It is me – Stephanie!

Hey there, my name is Stephanie and I am in my master´s degree in an international double degree master program – there I study Aerospace Technologies at the City University of Applied Scienes Bremen and Space and Satellite Technologies at the Technical University Gdansk.

As you might see, I passionate in the space sector. Because of that, I decided to become a part of the Aspiration Rocket Team. I am also excited about new manufacturing possibilities like additive manufacturing, which is why making a rocket using the FDM process totally won me over. For this reason, I am also responsible for additive manufacturing. Since I already have experience with the metal 3D printing, I design the propulsion system including the engine. Among others because of the high temperatures, the engine will be printing with metal. In addition to that, I am responsible for the FEM analyses since I dealed with them in my previous job as working student.

Currently, I am working at the ArianeGroup – a joint company of Germany and France – which is a space and technology company. As you might heard, the ArianeGroup is developing the Ariane6 rocket. Previously I have worked at ZARM Technik AG, where I came in contact with metal 3D printing and FEM analyses. I also wrote my award-winning bachelor thesis there, which dealt with FDM printing of copper coils.

If you want to know more about me, feel free to write us an e-mail to

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