Our first Junior rocket launch!

Two weeks ago we performed our first Junior rocket flight. The Junior rocket is a smaller and cheaper rocket with a solid motor and used to the flight dynamics and control subsystem. You can see our Junior rocket at the launch day in the following picture.

The CAD model of the Junior rocket is shown in the following figure. Except the flight computer, the thrust vector control mount as well as all relevant sensors are used to be able to the flight parameters for the Aspiration 1 rocket.

We were able to ignite the Junior rocket twice, which is very important for the re-landing. Additionally, the relevant flight parameters were gathered. You can see the success start of the Junior rocket in the following pictures.

Unfortunately, we were not able to re-land the rocket due to too high controller settings, but we plan a new flight next weekend with the adjusted flight parameter including the controller settings.

Stay tuned for our next launch,