Hello Everybody!

Hello Everybody! Thanks for visiting our personal blog and welcom to my short personal presentation. My name is Tim and I am a Bachelors degree student in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Applied Science in Bremen.

Manufacturing, Repairing, Inventing and creative thinking have been the most pleasant and present activities in my working life. Beginning with an apprenticeship as a toolmaker in molding and plastic injection molding I got a deeper feeling what is possible to create and form with artificial material. Behavior of molding, production and experimenting with machine settings gave me a good feeling what the whole story is about. Plastics are indeed the future basic material for engineering. Strong durability, easy replacement and different properties caught my focus. Also, in and during the studies. Taking opportunities, developing new ways and thinking out of the box are my working characteristics. Next to my studies I am working right now at the ArianeGroup in Bremen. Science and future technologies are also a big topic in companies. Together as a team we are able to walk in old footprints and enlarge them with invention and fascination to leave a more impressive and bigger one. The aspiration for a better and more efficient future is our engine, our will to be successful!