Hi, I’m Nina.

My name is Nina and I am a media and web designer.

When I was a teenager I was into playing computer games, since then I started to get interested in my own graphic designs. In my education I learned a lot about print advertising. After that I did some additional training in web design, marketing, social media management, video production and editing. 

I would say that my biggest passion is to creating brands. As a kid I always imagined and planned how it would be to run a business. When I was 19 I founded the charity Help Dunya e.V. with my boss at that time and a few other business owners. I have learned a lot there and more importantly, we have been able to help many people around the world in the last few years. 

Since I am about to get my private pilot license I am interested in everything that happens above the ground. Aspiration Rocket is a chance for me to contribute my knowledge and design capabilities to this project and to bring our vision of more environmentally friendly rockets into space. 

I prefer to work in the background of projects, but If you like to know more about me feel free to send me an email at nina.hassler@aspiration-rocket.com.

Have a nice day 🙂

~ Nina